Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

How You Can Help

If you ever wanted to learn to sail, if you have a boat and found sailing alone lacked enjoyment....join us on "The Corliss Pond",  Summersville and Blue Stone lakes.

If you decide to join us....Welcome mate !  We are a local group that likes the challenge of buoy racing, teaching others to sail and just playing on the water.

Having trouble rigging, repairing your boat, finding other sailors .. Here we are !

What we need most, are other sailors willing to help teach.

Finally, if you have a sail boat or even parts of one you no longer want or can use, you can help us by donating it to SMSC. That may well put a kid on the water.

One more thing !!  You can also help our group by spreading the WORD ! Buy a Sewell Mountain "T" Shirt , or our new Ball Caps and Tote Bags .. see them at the Country Store.

*We Welcome Pay-Pal for purchases at the Country Store and for Donations.

See our newest page "Supporters of SMSC"

For more information contact :

March TBA Board of Directors meeting

Saturday Sep 8 - Sunday Sep 9
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Tuesday Sep 8 - Wednesday Sep 9
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