Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

SMSA-WV Board of Directors 2014

Commodore: Bob Richards (Temporary)

Vice Commodore:  Kathy Stonemark (Temporary)

Rear Commodore: David Davison 

Treasurer: Kathy Stonemark

Secretary: Cindi Ruckpaul

Association Legal adviser:  Paul Marteney

Harbor Master: Bob Richards

Asst. Harbor Master: Mike McGraw 

Web Master: Jeff Seager 

Membership: Sue and Joe Boston

School Instructors: Clayton Spangler - Bob Richards 

Social: Sandy Richards 

Staff: Cindi Ruckpaul

When it comes to setting up our Raffles. etc...Cindi is our go to gal..

Staff : Bob Richards   aka: "Soapy"

Auhhh, what a way to spend a day.. Come join us on "Corliss Pond"

Staff: Justin Rider - Instructor   aka: "Critter"

Justin works in very light wind with student Frank Ward (in green vest).

Staff: Emily Keeney - Ass't. Instructor

Emily takes  her cousin Austin for his first sail. All smiles from Emily, and a big thumbs-up from her passenger. This young gal has a real feel for the sport.

Staff: Sandy Richards    aka "The Banker"

Hmm, If I 'm real nice to her, maybe she will let me buy another boat ....

Staff: Terry Adams       aka  "Willard"

After a long, hot day of cruising Summersville Lake, Terry sees no reason to worry about "How I look"  

All of the Head Instructors for SMSC enjoy some time together, just sailing...

Sailing with your best buddies, on a warm sunny day, is as good as it gets. Bob at the Helm, Jim controlling the  Traveler and Niel keeping an eye out for.... We had the best three days together on Escadaro, Jim's new Columbia 30 Sport.

Staff: Shannon Langley

Shannon is a true West Virginian. He has a great deal of know-how when it comes to water sports. He has been a guide on "The New River" and "The Gauley river". Guiding folks, as he has, through those rapids takes a special kind of man.. That smile , BTW,is a permanent part of our newest asst. instructor's personality.

Staff: Eddie Aldridge   AKA "Little Pop-Eye" Dock Hand

A quiet and kind soul, Eddie has been here for me and SMS from the start. He has supported our efforts with countless hours of hard and tedious work on the pond, with landscaping, moving and storage of our boats, etc. etc. All he asks in return is to dip a hook from time to time, in hopes of catching one of our many cat fish. The hooks are barbless and the fish are returned to the water, unharmed. Always in the background, waiting for the opportunity to help.

Neil Cameron:  aka: "Canuk" Visiting Instructor

Neil has made three annual trips to Corliss from Edmonton, Canada to help with our efforts to teach sailing.

Jim Eggelston:  Visiting Instructor

Jim (at the helm) and his crew, during a regatta in Oregon. I will replace this picture with a front view as soon as

Corey Jagoda   Asst. Instructor

Seen here running the marks to demonstrate the pattern the new students will take on their final day.

Staff:  Steve Morris and his wife Diane

Staff:  Clayton Spangler assistant Instructor 

Clayton will be be starting in the spring of 2014

March TBA Board of Directors meeting

Saturday Sep 8 - Sunday Sep 9
Sunday Sep 8 - Monday Sep 9
Tuesday Sep 8 - Wednesday Sep 9
Wednesday Sep 8 - Thursday Sep 9


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