Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

setting up for a quiet night on Escadaro, thanks Jim

after a great day sailing with Jim and Neil, we anchor for a meal, wine, and music 

Bob, showing off during the North American's in BC

Heading back to the beach after a day on Osoyoos Lake..BC

Aboard a Tartan 3700 ccr

Aboard Scott's new Tartan. We are enjoying a late afternoon sail with Mike's family. Thanks again Mike for having me up for a few wonderful days in Doore County..

Jim Eggelston: On his New Columbia 30 Sport

Steady as she goes jim !  That's a lot of $$ heading for shallow water mate !!!

Corey Jagoda makes a smooth rounding

My grandson shows me he has it !!

Frank Ward: He has now moved on to Catamarans

 Frank Ward making his roundings, on his way to graduation...

Bob and Sandy : doing her kind of sailing...taking it all in.

A time to reflect on all we have together.... Sandy and I both hope to see sail boats out here one day

After only two beers- sailing off Belize

 Now, tell me, would you trade places with me ?   lol

Yeah, Yeah, OK....What !!

Frank's family looks on as Bob explains what he whants done, during the on water test ....

How's that sail look ?

You check the sail and I will watch where we are going.....

Bob, sailing - Somewhere off El Salvadore

One of those times and places,  I will always remember...

Sking without a motor...Oh yes !


Just gliding along

If this isn't piece, then I don't know what is......

Kia: after a quick dip in the pond

."Why can't I get in the boat with ya... I can swim.."

Moments after a light-Air start @ Eagle Lake, Ca.

a .

Sea Sprays at Lake Osoyoos BC


Neil and his mate Kia.... eh

as a one time US Customs dog, Kia shows why she no longer has that job. LOL

Heading for the 1st. Mark


Nacra 5.0 racing off the Calif. coast


A Nacra 5.5 with nice balance


Wet, Tired, Cold and loving it !

 the idea is to stay dry and warm... small cats are wet boats in a blow..

A geat example of a Glass over Wood boat

a good overhead picture of a "Lightning 19"

Catalina 250

A fine example of a family day sailer...

A nice shot of a "Flying Jr."

One mans dream

To sail what you have built... Wonderful.... for some of us, this is what it's all about.

Sea Spray 15's at the ready

Having fun with TV-4 Reporter, Shelley Orman

She was a good sport and great fun on the water.She indicated she would be back for some lessons.

Danny Galietta takes to the surf in his Sea Spay 15

.Danny and a buddy get his Sea Spray ready for the waves ! Dan is in dark

Jim Eggelston tries the Solsa

A far cry from his 30 ft. racing rig, Jim still finds joy on a small pram.

Jim's pond ride in WV.

having just rouned "C" mark, Jim is on a Screaming Reach for "A"

Jim's face tells all

I'm coming in !!!.

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