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Pictures of some of the students we have enjoyed. The most resent photos come last on this page.

The class starts with what parts of the boat they need to learn. Here, we are covering the Tiller and Rudder.

Dry Sailing..Getting the feel of things

Each student is allowed to dry sail the boat. We think it's better to practice on the dry first, what they will do latter on the water. Here, Megan gets her shot at it.... by the time they all go through the movements, it's clear..

Now it's the student's time to show what they can do..

Acting as skipper, in this shot, Emily Keeney takes her mates around the course..I'm always a bit surprised at how fast they younger ones learn. Each of the girls took the helm and ran the Marks..

Trying out what they have learned

Now with two boats on a small body of water, the rules of the road become clear. Abigail has to "give Way"  because she is on a Port Tack,  Emiley (#59) must stay clear ! If possible, but has the right of way (she is on a starboard tack)

More from this class

In this pic, Matt shows that he has the idea ! Quick to learn, Matt was a great deal of fun to work with..

More with the students

Matt on the yellow boat, tacks in front of Jim... Both are heading for the same Mark.. it's just out of view on the upper right.

As the day sails on...

Having sailed SOLO, the girls decide sailing together is more  fun !! and so was playing in the mud ... lol

First we show the maneuver, then the student follows

Jim takes the Solsa around to show ( how it's done...

Why we do this

Shannon, as the most advanced student in this group, now takes his son out for a spin on the pond.

All smiles

Megan Stafford wanted her boy friend Matt to join her at this class. You can see by the big smile on her  face, she had a good time both sailing, at the Sat. night party, and just kickin back. A fun young lady to work with.. We hope they will return for "Stage II" classes.

Don Summers .. never too late to learn

it's not his Lightning 19, but still fun... The idea of balance, still eludes him at this point...

Abagail takes one of the Kenney twins (Kyle) out for his .. 1st. ride


Thumbs Up !  He (Austin) likes it !!

Having Emily and Amanda as assistants really helps...notices those smile's !!

Opps ! Was that a jibe ??


As the winds increases, so will the fun !

Emily fights to keep balance on a down wind leg, but Austin's weight is just too much up forward ! She makes the rounding, but just a bit more rudder would have been nice... lol..

Shelly Orman (TV-4 reporter) shows Jim how to "run with the wind !"

Shelly did a story on SMSC and became one of our students. Great lady ! We hope to have her back for a day on one of the big boats soon.

Shelly Orman, showing a lite touch in lite air

even in lite air, a pram will sail ... notice the full shape in the sail. Well done Kelley....

So that's what a "Weed" hair doooo looks like ... LOL

Boys will always find a new way to have fun...sailing and picking weeds from the bottom, Kyle (L) and Austin, (with the head of weeds) had a great day indeed.

August 8-9th. Class

Of the four Prams In our fleet, The International 9 is #2 in both speed and difficultty to sail. Abagail has reached the #2 boat and is taking her friend Molly for her first ride.


David found the #3 boat, the Solsa to be his favorite rig. I think the leg room had something to do with that.. and maybe the lack of a std.


Rischa McGill seems to be having fun on her first try in the Salsa 9.


As Rischa begins to feel more confidence, she pushes the Solsa a bit quicker. Shown here on a Starboard Tack


 Abagail and Molly approching the dock, you can see David in the Walker Bay 8 Gaff rig, in the background.


Despite the very light winds, Randy McGill shows good balance and boat speed as he heads for the windward mark in the Solsa (yellow and blue) meanwhile the rest of us try to find a breeze...


Notice the ripples on the water, showing a breeze is picking up ... also notice the close Port/Starboard passing of the two yellow boats, very close !.... Must build the pond larger.. lol


 Sunday morning started with a nice brezze ... Here Jesika Cooper takes her turn at the helm of our Solsa 9. Helping her get it right, is Abagail as crew.


Acting as "the rabbit", bob runs ahead of Emily Kenney, who is chasing him in our new Holder Hawk..


A good sailor always knows if he or she has a "Good Sail Shape" Here, Randy McGill shows he has learned his lesson well...


Kyle Kenney takes his ride in the the background, Emily plans her passing maneuver as she approches the windward mark.


Abagail shows Jesika the ropes before she can take the helm. BTW, Abi has just moved up to the International 9 herself.


Austin takes his turn around the marks in the WB-8


Taking a short break from the riggers of the class, Austin, Kyle, Abagail, Emily,Nicolas, and Jesika, take a swim to cool off... it's 86 today.


One boat on the water is "sailing" Two boats on the water is a "Race" But, Three -Four boats on the water together, Well, that's a Regatta !! lol

ll in all, this was a great week end, I hope it was enjoyed by all .. We had 8 sailors in attendance.

The last class 9/3/09 and the last new sailor of 2009

Sherdian Gove was our last new sailor/student for this year.. today was is birthday and so his mom Sherrilyn made arrangments for me to work with him.. he picked it all up fast and enjoyed his time here on Cosliss Pond. Yep, he is wearing a Sewell Mountain Sailing Club T-shirt.

In the following shot and after only a short time on the water, he shows me that he has the idea..

Seen here on a close reach with nice balance and sail shape.

Sherridan on a broad Reach

Chasing the rabbit (bob) around the marks.

Contact us NOW for our 2010 classes !

As long as we have warm days, before old man winter shows up, we will allow our pass students to use and enjoy working on what they have learned here at the farm...

All Smiles before they return home to Florida

Austin and Emily Stead     8/'09

2010 : Shots of our 1st. class of the season - 6/26

Starting from the top: #1 Corey just couldn't bring himself to leave the pond. A little cat fishin as the sun went down. #2 As they gaind confidence, it was time for a imprompto race, note Kelly carried a bit of extra weight with Isac kicking back in the bow of the Walker-Bay. #3 Kelly, concentration is fine, but smile a little #4 Sabastien seemed to like sailing the "Escape" at 9' LOA, it offers a bit more leg room. #5 Brandon too spent time on the "Escape" with out a boom, he found it his favorite rig. #6 with three sailors rounding the marks, Niel Cameron (our Canadian instructor) couches the group . #7  In light air, four boats run the marks.. In order of lead, Corey, Kelly, Brandon and Isac (in the WB)  #8&9 The class (along w/2 instructors) take a moment for  group pictures ...

August 7 and 8th.

David Wharton is from Au., working here as a tec. for  a major corp. In two days, he has a good idea of what sailing is all about.... and he likes it !

Aug. 22.. Last class for Stage 1 this year

The following shots show both Kim Galespey and Randy Schewe on Sunday doing their thing, and doing it well ! WV. has two new sailors...

Stage 2 Class @ Cave Run Lake

Justin @ the helm.    We held our first Stage II class this week end 9/25/10 at Cave Run Lake in Ky. The  student invited to attend was Justin Rider. With winds ranging from 5-15 knots. Justin spent all of day one sailing Steve and Di's O Day 25 and most of day two working on and cleaning the  All in all, he did far better than I could have hoped.


In the shot below, Heathy Anderson inspects our newest training rig ((Opti) with a positive smile of approval. Yep, says Heathy, this is the one I plan to sail...

June 11-12 Class

In this picture, find our first class of 2011. Four families showed up and had a great time. The Charonko's, Slicers, Acklin's and Oak's all made this a fun group to work with.  Sydney Oaks LF  and Emily Keeney (not in picture)assisted in this class.Our STAR student was Wil Slicer (FR, black T shirt w/a baby bird he found) A special thanks to the Acklin's, Charonko's and Slicer's for their generous donation to the Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta..

Stage Two at Summersville lake  (Sydney Oaks)

Seen here is Sydney Oaks working toward her goal of sailing in her first Real Regatta this Sept. 10th. In the picture above, showing one of the classes , along with eight others, Sydney is frt. row left.

Kevin Brown's  Mac-21

Click to Kevin (with cap) smiles as he readies the boat with help from Steve Morris..

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