Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

Our Supporters and Friends

These are people and businesses who have seen the value in what we are trying to accomplish here at Sewell Mountain Sailing. They have either given monies or services that have been used to directly support our efforts to bring the art and joy of sailing to over 106 folks so far since we opened our dock in the spring of 2008. 

We thank you, and most of all, West Virginia's new sailors thank you !!

NAME                                                            City & State

Mr. Neil Cameron and family (USD)                             Edmonton, Alberta

Mr. Don Summers   (USD)                                                   Pond Gap, WV

Miss Shelley Orman   (TV-4 )                                             Oak Hill, WV

Mr. John Smails  (marketing support)                        Rainelle, WV

Randy and Rischa McGill  (USD)                                     West Virginia

Mr. Shannon Lanley (Safety equip. )                            Edmond, WV

US Sailing Hall Of Fame (via link)                                 Annapolis, MD

Canadian Sea Spray Org. (via link)                               BC, Canada

Mr. Greg Hunter (WV. Sports Radio)                           Morgantown, WV

Mr. Tony Caridi (WV Sports Radio)                              Morgantown, WV 

Mr. Bob Rider  ( Work on Pond )                                      Corliss, WV

Mr. Tim Adams (work on Pond )                                     Corliss, WV

Mr.&Mrs. Dennis Childress ( USD)                               Rainelle, WV

Miss Rebbeca Adams  (USD)                                             Rough and Ready, CA

Mr. &Mrs. Steve Morris  ( 25' Keel Boat Useage)    St. Albans, WV

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Morris  (USD)                                       St. Albans, WV

Mr. Jim McGinley  (USD)                                                   Wheeling, WV

Mr. Schwenk   (25'MacGregor )                                        Berkeley Springs, WV

E.L.Robinson Eng. of  West Virginia                           Charleston, WV

Porpose Sails                                                                           Florida   

Little General Stores                                                           Summersville, WV

Smoky's on the Gorge                                                         Fayetteville, WV

Lanie Jones                                                                              Maplewood, WV

Bob Young  (boats)                                                               West Virginia 

Summersville Lake Retreat                                            Mt. Nebo, WV





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March TBA Board of Directors meeting

Saturday Sep 8 - Sunday Sep 9
Sunday Sep 8 - Monday Sep 9
Tuesday Sep 8 - Wednesday Sep 9
Wednesday Sep 8 - Thursday Sep 9


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