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West Virginia's only FREE sailing school! and the home of the Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta

In the summer of 1971, on a small lake in Grass Valley, California, I looked up from my chair on the beach (a piece of driftwood) to see a very fast moving boat coming right at me. The guy driving the thing was hanging off on a wire, and seemed completely out of control! (I now know this is called "flying a hull".) At the very last moment, he turned that boat 90 degrees, gently dropped that hull back onto the water and came to a stop. With a broad smile and pride on his face, he said,  "Hi, I'm Willy - want a ride?" The rest is, as they say, history.

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Want a ride? Welcome aboard!

This is the home page of the  Sewell Mountain Sailing Association of WV. and the home of the "Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta."  We are a true grassroots program. This is a place where you can learn the basics of sailing, find help with your own boat, move on to racing, make a few new friends and help others. More importantly, we will teach you to sail free.

NOTICE: Although, we would love to take all the folks who call or e-mail us, we must consider your safety first! To join our basics of sailing classes, you should, when using our club boats :

1. Weigh less than 220 lbs.

2. Be less than 6 ft. tall

3. Be able to swim

4. Be at least 10 years of age

5. Be available for both Saturday and Sunday sessions

NOTICE: We would be happy to work with you on your own boat too.

"We are planting the seeds for a new crop of sailors"

The End Result: You will have the basic knowlege needed to develop your talents as a sailor and we, along with West Virginia, can only gain from that. You might even say  it's "priceless."

Now for the WHY. Sailing alone is both peaceful and serene, but frankly, sharing with others both the art and joy of this sport is far better, and long ago surpassed my need to win regattas. When I first put my boat in the water at Summersville Lake and started away from the beach, it quickly became apparent to me that I was the only sailboat out on a warm, clear and breezy day. That same story played out weekend after weekend ... Where are all the boats? My answer came soon enough. There weren't any! Well, not boats with sails!

I hope to change that.

Imagine a state with beautiful lakes, clean and clear waters, nearly devoid of power boats and crowds. Can you envision, as I do, a sailboat slipping quietly across those waters? No noise, no real costs, no pollution, adding only its grace to an already wonderful sight.

Bob Richards

 This site is also the home of the "Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta"

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Notice #2 : As active supporters of US SAILING, NHRA, MHRA, NAMSA, NALSA, CRAB and CSSA, we offer our services in the spirit of those great sailing organizations.

Notice #3 : To join this site, go to "Team/Site Members" click +Join box at the upper right corner of the page. If you wish, we will keep you updated via e-mail.

 Our classes start in May and run through September (weather permitting).

We are now Sewell Mountain Sailing Association of West Virginia !! (smsawv)

In late 2011, we incorporated as a WV non-profit corporation.

Our fleet of boats range from 8' Prams, several dinghies, small catamarans and two Mac-25's . In total we now have 29 rigs here at our main storage area in Corliss. Several are available to our members for periods as long as 7 days at any one time for a small fee paid to the association.

So, owning a boat is not necessity to enjoy a membership at SMSAWV!

For membership information, contact:

Sue or Joe Boston at  304-586-3120



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