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Here are a few basic tips for the beginning sailor

If you are new to sailing, let us help you by offering the following  tips.

1. Always choose a calm, uncrowded body of water. A small Bay, Lake or Pond will insure your first trip out on the water is a good experience.

2. If possible, start your lessons in a small boat, 8 to 12 feet with a single sail. You will not only learn to feel the wind and water better, but have far less lines etc. to deal with.

3. Boating Safety can not be under stated !  Having and knowing how to wear a PFD (life vest) along with the ability to swim (and tread water for 5 mins.) can make the difference between a good day and a very bad one ! The state of WV. offers a Safe Boating on-line Certificate, a good idea.

4. Learn to notice things like, wind and clouds.. read about weather and the possible threats they present to the novice and accomplished sailor alike. The standing rigging on a sailboat can be a high as 30 feet ! Look Up..and Look out ! for power lines..

5. Try to become familiar with sail control.. before you start a class, read about this and the other controls on a sailboat.. find and read the "Basics of Sailing" Even if you find them foreign, some of the ideas and terms will stick, making your class just that much easier to follow. You can also ask us for a "Quick Study Guide to Sailing" it's free..

6. Learn to capsize and recover.. pick a shallow area, capsize your boat (it's a good idea to do this after some reading and to have help nearby) Most schools will offer this fun element in their classes. This knowledge will go a long way in making your time on the water, not only safe, but much more fun.

7.Respect the BOOM !  I always say, it's called a Boom for a very good reason. Both the skipper and the crew, should always be conscious of the boom as they tack or jibe ! (any time you change directions in sailing)

8. As a new sailor, you will be learning a new language.. sailing Learn the terms used in sailing . Here again, picking up a book like "Start Sailing Right" by US Sailing will help.

The above covers some of what any sailor needs to know... I look forward to meeting and sailing with you, here on Corliss Pond.


10 important terms you should know as a new sailor


1.BOW : The very front of any boat.

2. Beam : The widest part of any boat.

3. Stern or Aft : The rear of the boat.

4. Port :Facing the bow, it's the left side of your bow  or of the boat.

5. Starboard : Facing forward, (bow) it's the right side of the bow or of the boat.

6. Tacking :When facing forward, and turning to starboad or to port, that turn is called  a Tack.

7. Jib : When the wind is behine the boat and you make a turn, your are Jibbing.

8. Boom : This is part of your sail system that runs along the bottom of your sail. When tacking or jibbing... duck ! as it swings from one side of the boat to the other.

9. Rudder : This controls your boats direction.

10. Practice : It's what you do, if you want to be a good sailor. 

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