Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

Sewell Mountain Sailing has no real financial  funding, so ... The Country Store was opened to help support our efforts.

We had to come up with a method to help support what we are attempting. (Offering Free Sailing classes to all  West Virginians, and a select few from other states) Frankly, boats cost $ and so do the other parts of any sailing program. The items we offer for sale are all marked up about 25%. These profits go back into the program. We want you to know this, because being up front is the right thing to do.

2011 "Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta" Hats (limited numbers available for a Donation To Hospice)

These hats are only available to those who make a $50 donation to the Hospice Regatta.

Sewell Mountain Sailing "T" sailing has always been green (comment below the logo)

Remember to give us your size.. ( this item #1) $15 + shipping  (two gray bars not

Sewell Mountain Sailing Pocket Logo "T"

$10 +$2 postage

Remember to give us your size !  (this item #2)

When you wear one of our T's , Hats, or carry our Totes, you are helping keep our basic sailing classes free !

Sewell Mountain Sailing "Ball Caps"

$20 +$2 shipping

You will be showing that you support FREE sailing lessons in WV.    (item #3)

Try a different color text on your hat - @ the same cost

(item #4)

Sewell Mt. Sailing ball caps, with the Old Corliss, WV. address

When you come to the farm, (where all basic sailing classes are held) and sail, you are really in What was once the township of Corliss, Wv.  $20 +$2 for shipping        (item #5)

Handy Totes in two sizes  14X14 and Deluxe @19X15 (comment on tote): "Where sailing lessons are free to West Virginians"

Small Tote 14x14   $12 + $2 shipping                  (item #6)

Large Deluxe Tote 19x15 

Lower comment Line reads: "Where sailing lessons are free to West Virginians"

This Deluxe bag carries even more !                 $16 + $2 shipping          (item #7)

Round Logo T shirt   I support free sailing for West Virginians 

$15 plus $2 shipping        item #8

Ladies Sailing Hats or for guys that like pink

$20 + $2 shipping         Item #9

Auhhhh, Coffee ! and three great mugs for it....

Type #1

This, and the next two pictures, represents the front of our new COFFEE cups ! As a coffee lover, I couldn't pass up having one in my hand when working with the classes. The cost with our small add-on will be        $12 + shipping            item#10

New Coffe Cups - Parts of a sailboat view

Type #2                                                                                            item #11

So cool, you just must have one of these !!

Our logo view - My favorite

Type #3                                                                                                        item#12

Give a Sewell Mt. Sailing    "Gift Certificate"

Our Certificates come in four $ values : $15  $20  $30  $40  

 Two easy ways to give a certificate    304 438-5035  or send instructions to:                                                     item#13

Sewell Mountain "Mouse-Pad"

Here is a great gift item for your student or yourself. ( $9 + shipping)        item#14

* We accept Pay-Pal

New Items for 2010

Our new slogan is, "Seeding the next crop of Sailors" It's in that idea that we came up with this Logo.. These shirts will sell for $20 and are very limited in number.  #15

Ball Cap... Corliss, WV.  only 6 left

 Simple, yet nice. In a light Tan Color  $15         #16

For those cool days

I have been asked for a long sleeve version of our "T" , so here it is.  I like the added warmth these offer on those cool days.  Item #17        $25


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