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From our Members and Visitors - The boats they sail.

Jim Eggelston's : Colombia 30 "Escadaro"  Above is his Sea Spray 15 Cat "Radio-Flyer" US-352       (member)

Neil Cameron: "Grizz" a Tanzer 22    (member)

Steve and Diana Morris:  "Second Wind" an O'Day 25

In the first of these pictures, we see Mike and his wife Penny, as they enjoy some time on Steve's O'Day 25.   (member)

Jim Drenen, during his "Home Made 16's" 1St. Sail


Bob Richards on "Paxil" his 15' Sea Spray


Don Summers:  Lightning 19


Nick Nichols, pushing his Nacra 5.5


Don Snell : on his Sea Spray 15

photo take during the Sea Spray North Americans in BC       (visitor)

Danny Galietta : We came to sail ! !


Dan, just got this old Sea Spray 15..With or without digger boards, he plans to,( in this pic) to take her out !      (member)

Scott Santaga's Tartan 3700ccr , Out with friends

 Top: Taken just after his first win, are Scott, Bob, and a pretty dock gal...the Tartan seats below, as Mike (in the red T) cleans things up..

Bottom: Scott and Bob enjoy the compamy of all four of the McCole gals on a late afternoon sail. These pictures were taken in Doore County, a bueatiful spot... (visitor)

Fred Van Zuden     BC, Canada

Fred has been around for many years and has built numerous Sea Spray 15's..This boat weighs in around 140 lbs. and is made up using Carbon Fiber ! A good sailor and a strong supporter of the fleet.    (visitor)

Jim McGinley's K-2

A nice example of a Koribri 12, made in Canada.  (member)

Hillbilly Bill's CL-16

Bill has a 2nd.'s his first love "Saga"

Miles Helmick's  N-16

Miles rigging his Neptune with help from his dad..

Kevin Brown's  1986 Mac 21

Steve wanted a rig he could sail near his home, so he now has his O'Day- 25 at Cave Run (2 hrs. away) and this Mac- 21 in the River near his home in St Aburn, WV. She needs a bit of buffing to the hull to remove years of sun, scum and weather, but he is confident of her sea worthiness.

Art's Siren 17

She waits in peace for her owner and a breeze...

Mark Shcwenk's Nordica 16title

We may see her on the water at the Mountain Mama in September 2011 !

Jim McGinley's "Red Lady" Nodica-16

shown here in a small picture. She is truly a work of art..

Mike's HV-17

Very nice looking rig. I like the sail's colors.

Neil Cameron's new rig : Tanzer 26

She is a bit larger than Grizz and a lot more comfortable for the family.


Bruce "Bru-Ski" Woods and his '86 Seaward Slipper 17

Where you see "Nimby" you will see Bru-Ski. seen here on a soft day of sailing.

 I wonder how much of that great home made beer is on

We first met Bruce at Kerr Lake in Va. / NC. where we had a great day of sailing.

Bob Young's Guppy 16


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