Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

Some of Our Club Boats

This rig is a International Pram. At 8' LOA with a 4' beam, it's a great trainer. As a rule you will learn the basics in this rig. (she can hold 2 sailors)       *Stage one boat*

Vanguard "Club Flying Junior"

At 13' 8"LOA with a 5' beam , she offers both speed ,main and jib, plus a spin. These boats are used in Olympic sailing events. They also allow up to 2 (when racing) to sail. "Yellow Jacket" is our newest advance Trainer.

"Club Flying Jr."

As you can see in this pic, the CFJ has a bit more to deal with...220 lbs. full up.   *Stage Three sailors only*

Our Catamarans (We have three) seen below

Rigged as a standard Halyard rig, This is our basic Cat trainer. Mast is 20'2" above deck, LOA 15' with a 66" beam Total weight 210 lbs. full up. *Stage 2 sailors only*.

More of our CATS in the shop


Lightning 19

Able to carry up to six, (normally 4 during a race)LOA 19' with a 6' beam and a planning hull, she offers a real challenge in heavy air....Fly her spinnaker, and WOW !        *Stage III sailors only*

Escape Solsa

One of our newest Trainers. Stable and very easy to sail, she is a great starter rig... "stage 1 boat"

"Walker Bay 8 w/a Gaff rig sail

Shown here with the start of a boom (not normally found on this sail type) 1 of 2 pictures taken on her 1st. sail on the Corliss Farm Pond..     *Stage one boat*

Our newest and youngest sailor, "Nicholas Adams" is asked to test the new sail rig in very light air..

Even with light air, less than 5 mph, Nicholas is able to run the marks, very bad for his 1st. time, ever in a sail boat !! BTW, Nick is only 10 years old. belive it or not, this little pram will carry up to a 200# sailor !!

This is our Holder Hawk 9 .. Quick rig !

At 9' LOA and a 53" Beam, she is a great boat ! Sail #693      *Stage One-Two boat*

Holder Hawk 9

Holder made some very nice looking dinghies. This boat Points very well ..Due in large part to the hull, board, and rudder design.

O'Day 25                             stage 2 and 3

This very nice O'Day 25 has been made available to us , thanks to Steve and Di Morris for occasional use by the club for special outings at Cave Run Lake in Ky..

Sun Fish 14

She may not be much to look at, but the SunFish 14 is a great training boat. Easy to both sail and rig. This boat will be used for both stage 1 & 2 classes.

Our 1981 Siren 17

Seen here are two shots of the Siren 17 as she sits on her newly re-built trailer. Sporting 145 sq. ft. of sail and a roller furling, all she needs is a crew and water, before we take here out with our Stage Two Students.

Our "OPTI" Pram

Seen here, before we put her in "The Shop" for a make-over. Her new color will be Yellow. This boat is an early version, made of plywood and cloth. Strong and light. You can see her re-build on the "Work Sop Page"

Seen ere after the re-do..


Our newest project is a Mac-25

She comes to us from Mr. Mark Schwenk of Frog Valley Artisans. With a little TLC, she will serve our students well as a advanced  keel boat platform. Be sure to follow her face-lift on the "Work Shop Page"

Our Butter-Fly 10

no pic at this time

Here is a boat to Dance to.. It's an Escape ChaCha

The boat is designed for the beginning sailor or one that has physical challenges. Still a fun little boat..

Our #2 Sunfish

Our new (to us) Sunfish is seen here in the shop, ready for repair and paint.


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1970 model 


One of three PDR's (Puddle Ducks)

Blue Crab-11

A joy to sail, this 11 ft. dinghie is great boat.

Our new arrival is a Flying Scott-19

These are wonderful, stable boats . This will be a stage#2 boat


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