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Soapy's Log

The Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta 8/22 - 8/24/2014

 June 20, 2014

 * SMSA-WV now has it's new Webmaster up to speed ... Jeff Seager will be handling our site as of this date. Thanks Jeff for your effort and support.

*Three of the club boats are in the shop being readied for the Mama III Regatta.

  • Scorpion-14
  • Sunfish-14 (4 boats)
  • Blue Crab-11 
  • Chrysler-22 (member boat)
  • Hunter-27 (member boat by invitation only) 
  • Mac-25  (must be OK'd by HM)

*SMSA now has several boats that we have set up for day use by our members (small donation per day) 

June 5, 2014

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