Sewell Mountain Sailing

Learn to sail Free in West Virginia

Our 2013/2014 Board of Directors

Kevin Brown, Commodore: 

Stacy Lewis, Vice Commodore: 304-619-8351

David Davison, Rear Commodore :

Kathy Stonemark, Treasurer: 304-574-4844

Cindi Ruckpaul, Secretary:  304-575-1260

Paul Marteney, Legal:   304-444-0808

Bob Richards, Harbor Master:   304-438-5035

Mike McGrath, Asst. HM : 304-719-6989 

Sue and Joe Boston, Membership: 304-586-3120

Jeff Seager, Web Master :

Sandy Richards, Social: 304-438-5035

Lanie Jones, Board Member: 304 438-6791 

Who are we?

Just a small (but growing) group of common folks who believe we can make a difference. We hope that by offering free basic sailing lessons to West Virginians, we can bring this sport to our waters and give our students some self-confidence and pride of achievement. We believe it's worth the effort.

In 2011, we added what we see as a major goal. The support of Hospice of Southern West Virginia, by way of an annual regatta known as "The Mountain Mama." Thirty-one sailors showed up to race and, along with other supporters, allowed us to give $7,500 to Hospice!

For more information, contact us at 

What if I live out of state?

Frankly,we have had a great deal of interest from folks who live in other states (10 attended in 2009 from surrounding states). So we can help you learn too ... The classes are still free, however, you are welcome (never asked) to make a small donation to SMSC to help further our efforts. How? Buy a Sewell Mountain Sailing T-shirt, hat, coffee mug or tote bag ... That way, we get a little help and you get a nice memento. "Win-Win!" Check it all out by at our Country Store (where nothing costs more than $20)

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